Casa Pintada Mining Housing Opportunity

We bring you a unique investment opportunity in Panama to invest in the exclusive Casa Pintada mining housing project.

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  • Aleister, London UK
    I just feel lucky to have found this opportunity before it was widely advertised. These apartments are going to be purchased in multiples and quickly. Panama’s best builder and an on-site management team!
    Aleister, London UK
  • Betty, Rochester
    I got tired of people acting like, because I was female, I needed to invest in properties that were geared to cocktails and sitting in the sun. I love all those things but I also like making a lot of money from my investments. The copper mine housing was totally solid!
    Betty, Rochester
  • Joe, Sacramento
    One of the most solid investments I’ve seen—and I’ve looked at a lot of pro forms!
    Joe, Sacramento
  • Brian and Kelly, Miami
    Simply a solid stream of income based on an affordable investment with on-site management. I hope to leave this piece of my portfolio to my grandson. I love that my investments are diverse! It’s just safer.
    Brian and Kelly, Miami
  • Archie, New York
    I took a bit from my 401K, and invested it in rental housing for miners. The demand is huge, the mine supports the complex and cooper will still be dug long after I retire! No limit on what I can earn, unlike just contributing to my 401K.
    Archie, New York
  • Tom, Peru
    I loved the opportunity to join First Quantum Minerals as a Geology Shift Supervision, but when  I visited site, I immediately realized I didn’t have a lot of options for housing. Four hours commuting each day was too much. With the help of Liz Larroquette, and her team, I’m am now buying a home that my whole family can enjoy and the mine bus, picks me up less than a block from where my kids live and play! Perfect.
    Tom, Peru

Corporate video Cobre Panama Project

This short 2 minute video by First Quantum Minerals Ltd., introduces the Cobre mining project.